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One Stop Instant Workflow Solution

Kelsa is a cloud based no code workflow automation tool which help to improve efficiency as you build, run, repost & optimize your business process all within an intuitive user-friendly interface.


It evolves as your business evolves. Unlike rigid platforms, Kelsa is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses. It’s highly customisable and highly-collaborative. Easy to integrate both people and processes.

Key Features & Benefits

  • One stop solution for cross function workflows

  • Third party integration

  • User friendly

  • Personalized

  • Increased productivity

  • Code free workflow designer

  • KPI Based reports

  • SLA status indicators

With Kelsa Asset Lifecycle & Maintenance Process Pipeline you can instantly and easily Implement Preventative maintenance as part of asset life-cycle management so that all assets are mandatorily subjected to customized preventative maintenance schedule and appropriate corrective actions. Same process pipeline can track all reactive Maintenance undertaken, reason and actions schedule/planned and close.


Kelsa Asset Lifecycle & Maintenance Process Pipeline allows to specify a separate equipment and/or equipment + environment based customized maintenance and inspect schedule - where the checklist is also customized to the equipment + environment. Necessary & appropriate assignees are reminded as per preset schedule and on completion of the inspection all records tracked and available for ever. Likewise, all corrective actions tracked until completion with appropriate alerts on failure to complete them within specified time or on successful completion. This applies to all equipment including specialized SHEQ equipment.


Kelsa Asset Lifecycle & Maintenance Process automatically alerts appropriate teams and individuals of overdue corrective actions or repair tasks and automatically escalates such tasks as per escalation rules


Kelsa Asset Lifecycle & Maintenance Process can ensure that changes to any or chosen equipment can automatically trigger alerts and/or initiation of appropriate change management process - which would involve updates to documents, notification or alerts to individuals, signoffs or approvals, etc


Kelsa Asset Lifecycle & Maintenance Process allows for Maintenance Work Requests to be raised by authorized employees or teams and each request gets a unique ID, is manually or automatically prioritized based on equipment/type, work type tracked and based on work type necessary approvals and description are sought and all records maintained. All work requests can be monitored and analyzed independently or from within the Kelsa Asset Lifecycle & Maintenance Process itself

Processes we can automate

  • Finance, Accounting, Invoices, Purchase orders

  • Customer Service

  • Sales, CRM & Lead tracking

  • Human Resource management, Recruitment process, Leave Management

  • Marketing & Design

  • Facility management

  • Documentation

  • SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) related Audits

  • RFI's, Proposals

  • Task management & collaboration

  • Project management

  • Inventory management

  • Incident reporting & Corrective Action management

  • Behavioral Based Safety Process

  • Compliance Management

Industries we serve

  • Banking

  • Textile

  • Chemical Industry

  • Cement & steel Industry

  • Software Industry

  • Mining,Oil & Petroleum Industry

  • Construction & Architects

  • Education

  • Insurance

  • Healthcare & Pharma

  • Government

  • FMCG

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

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