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What we offer

  • Legal Compliance Audits

  • Design and Maintain Legal Registers

  • Legal Training

  • Implementation of Legal Requirements

  • Limited Scope Audits on:

    • Permits

    • Appointments

    • Licenses

    • Mandatory Codes of Practice

    • Exemptions and Permissions

Why legal compliance?

Legal compliance does not only mean compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety or Mine Health and Safety Act.
There are various legislation impacting on a business which should be taken into consideration when conducting a Legal Compliance Audit or compiling a Legal Register on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.
National, Provincial and Local Municipality By-Laws should also be considered. ISO 14001:2015 as well as ISO 45001:2018 Cause 9.1.1 & 9.1.2: The first part of this sub-clause requires the company to have a procedure to periodically evaluate its compliance with applicable legal requirements as previously defined per paragraph 6.1.3.

The company will need to keep records of these periodic evaluations.
The second part of this sub-clause similarly requires an evaluation for compliance with other requirements and a procedure to evaluate compliance can include both legal requirements and other requirements.

Company HSE compliance and Accountability audits

This entails conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the current system in place against current requirements and/or new or revised criteria for the system, either as a result of Standards, Legislation or external parties’ expectations and requirements.

For the Legal Compliance audit, focus will be on the following legislation, but not limited to:

Health & Safety:

  • Occupational Health and Safety, and associated Regulations

  • Mine Health and Safety, and associated Regulations

  • Machinery & Occupational Safety

  • Explosive

  • Hazardous Chemical Substance 

  • Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Diseases

  • Arms & Ammunition

  • Firearms Control

  • Fire Brigade Services

  • Health Professions

  • National Building Regulations & Buildings Standard

  • Tobacco Products Control

  • National Road Traffic


Employee Relations:

  • Basic Conditions of Employment

  • Employment Equity



  • National Environmental Management

  • Atmospheric Pollution Prevention

  • Environmental Conservation

  • National Water

  • Water Services



  • National Qualification Framework

  • South African Qualifications

  • Standards

  • Engineering Professions

  • Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration & Good Laboratory Practice

  • National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications



  • Municipal By-laws

Legal Liability Training

The intent of this Legal Liability course is to promote awareness and understanding of legal responsibilities and possible liability in order to ensure full compliance with legislation by the organization and employees. Legal compliance is important due to the legal liability exposure that rests upon management and their obligation to comply with all legal statutory and common law provisions that govern their operations.
It is obviously in the interest of the employer to apply visible, felt leadership and to ensure that any message that cascades down to worker level is the correct message and understood by everyone. The employer therefore has to be in total control of his/her systems and must ensure that nothing is left to chance.
There will always be risks related to Health, Safety and the Environment at the workplace and legislation recognizes this. It, however, expects of every Employer to comply with legislation and to do all that they can to minimize the chance of an accident, incident or impacts occurring. In short, it expects of the employer to act like a reasonable person in a reasonably practicable manner.


Provide a holistic picture of the Health and Safety issues that would constitute “compliance“. Provide an understanding of the aims of the relevant Health and Safety Legislation.
Provide understanding of how to fulfill these aims. Provide understanding of what the consequences may be if one fail to fulfill these aims.


To familiarize delegated with the health and safety legal obligations of the Act and the Regulations. Time will be spend on interpreting legislation and case law will be used to explain the implication of non-compliance. The facilitator will create a practical understanding on the legal compliance aspects and the possible legal liability exposures.

Course Content:


  • Overview of Legal Requirement as per the Occupational Health and Safety and/or the Mine Health and Safety

  • Civil, Criminal and Vicarious Liability

  • Duties of the Employer

  • Duties of the Employee

  • Manufacturers Requirements

  • H&S Representatives and Committee

  • DOL / DMR Inspectorate

  • Incident/Accident Reporting and Investigation

  • Penalties and Offences

  • Overview of Regulations

  • Environmental Legal Requirements



  • CEO, Managing Directors, Managers, Supervisors

  • Health and Safety Managers, Safety Officers

  • SHEQ/SHERQ Managers, Engineers

  • Line Managers – Foreman, Superintendents and Supervisors

  • Contractors and health & safety representatives

Duration: 1 Day
Venue: Client Premises
Time: 8:00 for 8:30 till 15:00
Cost: Contact us for quote!

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